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Tips for Caring for Your Terracotta Vases During the Winter Months

As the days start to cool, people’s thoughts automatically turn to bonfires, football games and long nights in front of the fireplace drinking hot cocoa with the ones you love. However, winter can be hard on the terracotta vases that grace

Helpful Tips For Using Professional Turntables

If you have watched any baking and cake decorating shows on television or checked into any online tutorials or videos, you will see professional bakers using a range of specialized tools and equipment to create their amazing designs. While it is

The Ins and Outs of Piercing Jewelry

The popularity of body piercing is on the rise. People are finding they love showing off their new piercings to family, friends, and anyone who is interested in the outcome. Luckily, there are many forms of piercing jewelry on the market

Cute Kids Booties are More Than a Shoe

Children are amazing gifts to this world. When they are infants, they begin to capture the hearts of family and friends, and seem to bring an unspeakable joy to their parents. These precious bundles of love, are gentle, innocent, and need

Gum Paste Decorations: What to Know

Gum paste flowers are often the best decorative add-ons for your cake. They can take stacked-up layers of cake from boring to spectacular. If you want to use them for your cakes, here are a few helpful tips to keep in