Features Available for Ceiling Fans in Southlake, TX

Ceiling fans serve many purposes. They can help keep your home cool, as well as circulate the air when you want to spread the fresh air from an open window through your home. While most people think mostly about the style of the fan they choose, many fans offer additional features you may want to consider. Some of these features on ceiling fans in Southlake, TX, are meant for convenience.

Remote Control

Some ceiling fans today offer the feature of a remote control. While fans could always be wired into a switch, allowing you to turn them on and off with a flip of a switch, you still had to get up to do it. With a remote control, though, you are able to change the speed of the fan, turn it on or off and flip the light on and off, all without getting up out of your chair or off your bed. This can be a real convenience for you.


When you are dealing with ceiling fans in Southlake, TX, homes, you may want a light as part of your ceiling fan. If your fan will be in a room that doesn’t have another form of light source, you may wish to have a light installed on the fan. Some of the most common places for a fan light include the kitchen and the bedroom. There are different types of lighting on fans as well, leaving you to choose the style you like best.

Heating Ability

In general, most people don’t choose a ceiling fan for its heating properties. Most people use them for cooling their homes. However, even Texas evenings in the winter may require a little extra heat. If you want a little heat with your fan, you will need to choose a ceiling fan that offers a heat option. In addition to the ability to heat, you can even find fans with thermostats that will automatically adjust to maintain a set temperature.

As you shop for ceiling fans in Southlake, TX, you will realize there are many options from which to choose. These options can make your fan work for you even better than a typical ceiling fan. From remote control features that allow you to control the fan without getting up to the lighting and potential heating ability, you can find just the right fan to meet all your needs.



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