Getting Married In Anguilla: A Dream Come True

by | Apr 28, 2014 | Shopping and Product Reviews

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Planning a wedding is exciting and fun. Many women have spent years dreaming of what they want and how they want it to happen. It is often a fondly remembered moment that people will treasure throughout their lives.

Weddings are a personal time, so each should be unique as a tribute to the couple who are uniting as one. Some people have been known to take this a little too far. While their ceremony may have matched perfectly with who they are, many others just shake their head when they hear about them.

Some of the strangest wedding ceremonies people have organized around the world:
A New York Couple had a “Zero Gravity Wedding” where they flew in a modified Boeing 727-200 airplane that is used to provide weightless flying experiences.

A couple in Alaska had their ceremony performed on the top of a glacier. The bride wore a wedding gown -; and hiking boots.

One brave couple (again from New York) said their vows from a cage inside a shark tank at a local aquarium. Their ceremony was viewed by various sharks and eels who circled around to inspect the odd sight.

Many have chosen to marry their loved one in the spot where they originally met. This has prompted ceremonies in grocery stores, department stores and even a homeless shelter.

It is highly unlikely any of these ideas will appeal to most brides and grooms-to-be. What most envision is a romantic and luxurious ceremony where they can declare their love to the world while feeling like the king and queen for a day.

If getting married in Anguilla with warm tropical breezes and rhythmic ocean waves in the background sounds more like your fantasy wedding, consider the amazing opportunities offered by Dreamy Weddings and Tours.

They offer a variety of themed wedding packages that include options like a horse and carriage, ceremonies held beside spectacular island waterfalls and even wedding cruises. Their service includes a wedding coordinator and minister along with all the extra touches you could ever want.

Getting Married In Anguilla can be a dream come true. Even better, they also offer island tour vacations so you immediately begin your romantic island honeymoon.

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