Limited Edition Cohiba Humidors

by | Nov 17, 2014 | Shopping

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Cohiba may very well be the epitome of a great cigar. Among all the cigar brands out there, not one could beat the Cohiba in terms of smoothness, taste and aroma. From its humble beginning as an unnamed cigar smoked by one of Fidel Castro’s bodyguards, the Cohiba has become the favorite of the Cuban president.

So proud is Fidel Castro of this cigar brand that he always proudly bestows it to any foreign dignitary who visits his country. Now, tobacco aficionados are all praises to the quality if the Cohiba. Not one cigar enthusiast is immune to the Cohiba’s charm. Many people would go through great lengths just to have a puff of genuine Cuban goodness.

Who Produces Cohiba Humidors

Habanos SA, the government-run company that produces and sells the Cohiba cigar brand never fails to surprise cigar users with new products and promotions. In 2002, Habanos SA released a Cohiba 35th Anniversary Special Edition Humidor, which contains 135 premium quality Cohiba cigars. For many cigar lovers, this is a dream come true. Those who got one of these special humidors are very lucky indeed. The box contained a treasure trove of the most coveted cigars ever assembled in a single box.  Inside the humidor waiting to be smoked are cigars of different vitola (cigar sizes) along with a special edition band minted only for that edition.

What’s Inside the Special Cohiba Humidors Box

Upon opening this humidor, the lucky receiver of this gift will be greeted by 20 Cohiba Esplendidos, 20 Siglo V, 20 Cohiba Robustos, and 35 Cohiba Lanceros. As if these are not good enough, the humidor also contains two special sizes, 20 Gran Corona and 20 Piramides Vitolas. The special sizes are not going to be mass-produced again. Such awesome contents would make any Cigar aficionado cry tears of joy.

The Cohiba 35th Anniversary Special Edition Humidor indeed sets the cigar loving world abuzz. However, as of 2010, there are still rumors that an online cigar shop still has one special edition humidor unsold. The cigars in there must have been aging beautifully through the years. The last selling price for the coveted humidor was only $15,000 dollars. However, if the humidor is already sold, there is no need for anybody to feel sad. Habanos SA will surely come up with another special edition humidor soon to get cigar lovers something to wish for again.

Cigar enthusiasts must always be prepared for when Habanos SA will produce another special edition humidor. Usually these special edition humidors sell very fast because of the great popularity of Cohiba. Despite the price, most people will try to get their hand on one because no cigar lover can say no to a good, genuine Cuban cigar.

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