Tips for Mixing Your Own E Liquid Flavorings for Your E-Cig

by | Oct 8, 2014 | Shopping and Product Reviews

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Everyone likes to have a little bit of fun when enjoying a personal vaporizer. That’s why the selection of e-liquid flavoring is so vast. The excitement of trying a new flavor, and possibly finding a new favorite, is one reason people abandon cigarettes and become hardcore electronic cigarette enthusiasts. While the variety of flavors available is unique, once you become comfortable using electronic cigarettes, the fun part is taking the available flavors and mixing them together to create your own custom flavors. Some people find they don’t care for one flavor on its own, but when mixed with another flavor the combination is delicious. Below are some tips to help you get creative with mixing and create a new experience every time you vaporize.

Play It Safe to Start

While you may be tempted to mix coconut, pear, and mint together, you should really play it safe when you first start. It will take some time to learn concentration levels when you mix, so working with flavors that naturally work well together will make sure you get an e-liquid flavoring you actually like. Even if one flavor is a little strong, it will still be palatable and you won’t waste your vapors. You could try mixing chocolate and mint or strawberry and banana to give yourself an idea of how best to mix your flavors. Once you have the safe flavors figured out, you can start playing around with more daring combinations like a coconut amaretto butterscotch mixture.

Consider Other User Recommendations

The Internet is a great place to find e-vapor recipes, and you can check the social media sites of Mount Baker Vapor to see what other users are mixing together. You can also inquire Mt Baker Vapor about the best concentrations of e-liquid flavoring to nicotine levels, too. Some users find that decreasing the nicotine levels actually makes the flavors more pronounced, and they don’t notice the reduction of nicotine as much, either.
With so many unique flavors on the market, you may never have to mix anything together to find your favorite. But the temptation to create something new and different may become too strong for you to resist concocting your own recipes.

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