Types of Embroidery in Bonner Spring

by | Dec 14, 2015 | Clothing

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Embroidery is a craft that involves stitching pictures, scenes or decorative accents on cloth or other materials using a needle and thread or yarn. There are different types of embroidery with rich cultural histories dating back to hundreds and thousands of years. In the past, embroidery work was expensive but the trend is slowly changing. People can now get attractive designs at a low cost. The soul of embroidery work is the skill and creativity of the designer. Please find the types of Embroidery in Bonner Springs below.


This embroidery style is used mainly for cushions, garments, curtains, table cloths and wall hangings. Old cushions embroidered in this style appear new and they also change the appearance of a room. The main materials used are beads, coiled wires and sequins. The cost incurred is worth it. It is the most popular in Bonner Spring.

Wireworks with intricate designs

This is a modern day embroidery style. It is mainly used for handbags and purses. The materials used are beads and coiled wires. Most retail outlets for handbags are the main clients for this style. This is because after embroidery, the bags fetch better prices since they stand out. Most consumers want a special touch and embroidery does just that.

Shisha mirror works

This design is of Indian origin. In Bonner Spring, it is popularly used in costumes, clothes and wall hangings. The materials used are tin, silver, coin or shisha mirrors. It gives clothes an elegant look with a rich history. Shisha adorned wall hangings transform a room like magic and tells a story.

Leather patch

This has been trending among Bonner Spring bikers for their biking accessories ranging from boots, jackets and belts. The materials used are twill fabric and glue. Some patches have glue at the back so that they are heat ironed before being sewn on fabric. The end result is stunning.

Embroidery in Bonner Springs has evolved over the years and the use of modern day technology has made it easier to do the art. The time frame to finish a product has also reduced making embroidered products more affordable. If you want to accentuate the value of a t-shirt, wall hanging, skirt or cowboy hat, please visit the Business Name.

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