3 Steps For Using Puppy Potty Training Pads to Housebreak Your New Pet

There are several methods to housebreaking a new puppy upon bringing them home. A common method is to use puppy potty training pads to condition the puppy to relieve themselves in one particular area of the home. Typically, you should try to choose an area with a tiled or hardwood floor to make cleanup easier, but the area you choose should also be near an exit. Additionally, here are a few steps to this type of housebreaking.

Cover the Entire Floor
The floor in the room you choose for training should be completely covered with pads, except for the area in which you’ll place the pet’s bed. When a pad becomes soiled, replace it with a fresh pad. You should tear a small portion off of the soiled pad and leave it on the fresh pad to leave the scent for the puppy to pick up.

Start Removing Pads
Eventually, the puppy will choose a specific area in the room for relieving themselves. When this happens, permanently remove the unused pads closest to the puppy’s bedding. This will reinforce the location of the potty area.

Remove More Pads
You should continue removing the unused puppy potty training pads. Eventually, you’ll end up with just the one or two pads that your puppy is regularly using. When you see the puppy heading towards those pads, put them on a lead and immediately take them outside to relieve themselves.

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