4 Ways to Decorate Cakes Like The Pros

If we’re honest with ourselves, we’ve all stared longingly at display cakes in bakery windows or envied the expertise and intricacy of baked goods created by the professionals on television. However, it might be easier than you think to be on your way to obtaining your professional expertise. By following the tips below, you’ll find yourself becoming more and more similar to the best decorators in the industry. Sometimes, it’s all about the tools and the trade secrets!

1. Kitchen tells us that professional bakers will, without a doubt, be utilizing a cake decorating turntable to create their best projects! These tools are perfect for the smoothest, most even icing jobs when you’re working on a multilayer cake.

2. Don’t underestimate the power of a dehumidifier. It seems like an odd idea, but fondant and gum paste are prime materials for the absorption of excess moisture in the air. In humid climates, this can ruin your more intricate decoration aspirations! Maggie Austin, an instructor of some courses at Craftsy, personally recommends this strategy.

3. Know your strengths! Sometimes, the best path to success is understanding your weaknesses and strong points. By emphasizing the strategies you excel at and continuing to improve your weaker areas, you can make significant progress as a self-aware baker extraordinaire.

4. Of course, practice makes perfect. This adage applies to cake decorating, as well! If your desserts aren’t turning out as beautifully as you imagined, don’t give up! The best cakes often require a greater knowledge of textures, techniques, and personal preferences that can only be determined through passionate persistence.

Every professional baker will have their own plethora of secrets to share, so don’t be afraid to continue researching and asking questions! To purchase your cake decorating turntable or to view all the videos and tutorials you’ll need to keep practicing, visit NY Cakes!

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