5 Missteps to Avoid When You Shop for Cake Pans

by | Jan 19, 2018 | Shopping

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If you love baking cakes, whether you do it for fun or profit, shopping for the right cake pans can make a difference. Here are shopping mistakes you’ll want to avoid:

Not minding the material

There are a lot of cake pans out there so you’ll want to thoroughly research your options. Check out the pros and cons that come with using a specific material and pick the best one that suits your needs, says How Stuff Works.

Compromising on quality

Whether you’re buying round or square cake pans, make sure you go for quality options. These often last you much longer so you can avoid the hassle and inconvenience of shopping and shelling out money for a new one too soon. Don’t compromise on quality just to save on a few dollars. While the upfront costs might be a bit too much for your pocket, you’ll have better cost-savings in the long run.

Not getting the right size

Getting the size of the pan wrong can result in a baking disaster. If you don’t want your creation to overflow or burn around the edges and bottom, then you had better shop for cake pans in the right size. For instance, if you’re baking cakes, pans with ultra-tall sides might make for a better choice especially if your oven tends to run a bit too hot.

Not knowing the terms

Shopping for the right baking tools is much easier when you know what the terms mean. If you can’t differentiate square cake pans from tart pans or tube pans, then you might find it more than a bit challenging to pick the right pans. Read up some more before you shop.

Not caring about features

With plenty of pans out there that offer heat-resistant, non-stick options, it would be a waste not to shop with an eye for better features.

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