A Collection That Can’t Be Framed

Art entails exhibits, portfolios and collections. It’s a creative outlet for our imaginative world. When one person is inspired they create a medium to motivate and inspire others. Art doesn’t always convey a message to the viewer. Perhaps, it could evoke an emotion and sometimes that’s the best pieces of art. The ones we hang up in our home or put in place a business to show off to others. It’s in place to provide others with the direction of interest you’re in. It’s an expression of yourself. Wallcovering collections are just this; they are a visual expression to share with anyone in the room. Sometimes they pop will color and texture. Other times, they simply enhance the objects in the room.

Influential Designs

Of course, you could do some online research or find something that suits your needs quickly at your local hardware store. That’s not necessarily the point, to other’s it’s more than that. Some artists have dedicated their whole life researching these surfacing materials into an extraordinary collection of designs. For example, some artists have formal training in art education. Others have traveled the world in search of cultural influences sparking their imagination. Some have even researched the history of different centuries and how that time period influenced design and how to translate it into their own vision.


Wallcoverings has a technique and once the hand-made technique is perfected with a team of artisans it’s formed into an art collection. The collection is organized by say the medium; such as weaves, stitching, hand painted, to even glass beads. Some collections may have a theme such as winter, designed to go into a luxurious cabin in the mountains. Some are celebratory, such as an anniversary of the artist or a friend that may have been so inspired by the artist they made their own collection in that artist’s memory.

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