Advantages of Using A Custom Wallcovering

by | Feb 24, 2016 | Shopping

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Whether you own a business or home, you may be tired of the traditional wall coverings that are available, including paint and traditional wallpaper. These options can work fine if you plan on changing your mind frequently, but can be messy and not last very long, especially if you’re using the paper in a high-traffic area. Therefore, you may want to consider a custom wallcovering, which will provide you with many choices, textures, colors, and style.

Unlimited Appeal

With wall coverings, you have unlimited options, or near enough to be the same thing. If you have a particular plan in mind, you can have it customized to fit your style and needs. Otherwise, you’ll still find a lot of options that will fit your style and look appropriately, making it the ultimate in wallcoverings. You just can’t get the same effect with paint or wallpaper.


While most people think that a custom wallcovering will be expensive, many are well within any person’s budget, especially when using vinyl. However, you may find that the cost raises depending on what type of customization you need. For example, if you want something that is entirely hand painted, that could cost more than something that can be printed over and over in a pattern.


Many times, the wall covering you select already be made though with customization, it could take a little longer. The companies that provide this service know that you don’t want to wait months to get your coverings, so they have plans in place to work quickly and get your order processed and ready sooner.


If you’re considering coverings for high-traffic areas, you’ll want something durable and washable. Most options are easy to clean and highly durable, especially those made of woven fiberglass and vinyl. If you go for something environmentally-friendly, such as grasscloth, you may find that keeping it clean to be more of a chore.

However, grasscloth and fabric can usually be vacuumed, which can still provide the cleanliness you require.

Other Benefits

Most people would love to deck out their walls with wood, stone, brick or other decoratives, but find that cost is too prohibitive. You may want to consider wall coverings that look like those options. Many times, you’ll be able to create a stone or brick look that can cost less and still look like the real thing.

A custom wallcovering doesn’t have to be simplistic, but can include almost anything you prefer, including crushed glass and shells. Visit Maya today to learn more or check out their gallery today.

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