All about Ear Gauges in Denver, CO

The use of ear gauges dates back many years to the tribes of Central Africa. These gauges were originally used as a status symbol in these tribes. With women, the attainment of ear gauges meant she had reached womanhood. Today, these piercings have become more popular. While mostly males use ear gauges in Denver, CO, some females also prefer this type of piercing over more traditional ear piercings.

What Are Gauges?

While many people are familiar with piercings, not everyone is aware of what gauges are. In general terms, ear gauges are piercings that leave a much larger hole in your ear lobes than traditional piercings. This stretches the ear lobes for a completely different look than what you would get from traditional piercings. Available in a wide variety of colors, sizes and styles, you can find just the right option for your style. It is important to note that the term “gauges” while popular with piercing customers in Denver, CO it is not a proper term in the piercing industry. Gauging is a verb used to describe the measuring of larger jewelry for stretching, but gauges are devices that are used to measure things like speed and distance. While you are free to use this term you may not here it widely used by industry insiders.

Getting Started

If you are interested in ear gauges in Denver, CO, it is important to go to a reputable piercing salon to ensure it is done properly. You can’t simply pierce your ear and then pull it to stretch over a large gauge. It is important to complete the stretching gradually. This means you need to start with a small gauge, sometimes the smallest one available. After a set period of time, you can move up to a larger gauge. Stretching slowly will protect your ear lobes from damage.

Choosing Sizes

The sizing of gauges is complicated if you aren’t familiar with how the numbers work. In other aspects of life, a larger number would indicate something that is bigger. However, when you are dealing with gauges, a larger number actually means a smaller gauge. Therefore, you want to start with a high number so you don’t cause damage to your ears. The smallest number you use will depend on exactly what you are looking for. This is another benefit of moving slowly; you can determine if a size is right for you before moving up a size.

Gauges in Denver, CO, may have started as an African tribal status symbol; however, today, they are something of a status symbol for teenagers and young adults across the country, including Colorado. Before you make the choice to go with this type of piercing, it is important to understand what gauges are, how the sizes work, and how to go through the process of stretching your ears. It is also important to see a reputable piercing studio to ensure it is done safely.

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