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by | Mar 28, 2012 | Office supplies

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In order to ensure uninterrupted functioning and smooth flow of all your office work, you need to be sure to stock up all the required office supplies & stationery. For those budding entrepreneurs, unsure of the office supplies necessary, here is a list of of all the supplies you’ll need.

Be sure to keep a huge stock of paper in your office supplies & stationery. Paper is required for printing, billing, invoices, faxing, accounting, proposals and tons of other purposes. A shortage of paper could interrupt all the core office functions, so you don’t want to ever have a shortage of it. It is also necessary to have the required size and kind of paper products.

Pens, Pencils, clipboards
You need to keep in store a large amount of pens, pencils, clipboards and other various kinds of office supplies & stationery to ensure smooth flow of your office work.

Computer supplies
With businesses houses getting computerized, it is necessary to keep a supply of spare keyboards usb drives, flash drives, compact discs, monitors because in case of an emergency you do not want to waste time procuring computer supplies and add-ons.

Sticky notes
You need to keep sticky notes as they are extremely handy to take down telephone numbers, writing reminders, leaving notes for your office colleagues and scores of other purposes. Sticky notes are used in offices worldwide and you don’t want to be short on them.

Files and folders
Physical Files and Folders and folders, though now replaced by their digital counterparts are much needed office supplies. Accounting departments require large supplies of folders on a daily basis.

Adhesives and staplers are a must have as they are needed to attach papers, stick photographs and important articles.

Envelopes are also required for mailing letters, sending cheques and various other purposes.

office supplies

office supplies

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