Allow Your Customers to Transport Beverages with Ease

You want your customers to be able to transport beverages that the order from you with ease. This calls for effort types of drink carriers that can easily be manufactured with your company in mind. You can find sizes for every on the go occasion. This allows for easy transportation of beverages using a handled drink carrier that is made from thin cardboard that is moisture resistant. Drink carriers that are made using virgin materials can also give your company the knowledge that your carriers are environment friendly.

Different Sizes of Drink Carriers You Can Order Include the Following:

   *   2 Cup Drink Carriers
   *   4 Cup Drink Carriers
   *   4 Cup Tall Drink Carriers
   *   4 Cup Jumbo Drink Carriers

Invest in Durable Drink Carriers

People are always on the go. This is why on the go drink carriers need to be made from durable materials that consist of handled carriers also designed to hold many items. Carriers provide your company with the safe way for your customers to carry their beverages in one container. These types of carriers make it easy to travel with beverages and keep them from spilling. There perfect for loading up with drinks so they can be swiftly delivered when necessary. The best part is that you can invest in recyclable and compostable carriers that show your customers you truly care about the environment.

Are You Ready to Simplify Your Beverage Service?

You don’t want to leave your employees facing customers asking for drink carriers when you can’t supply them. No matter what type of food service you are in, drink carriers are an essential way to assist your customers with leaving your establishment with the beverages they want. It is also a good idea to keep a 2 cup and 4 cup drink carrier supply in stock always. You also want to make sure that the carriers you invest in our extremely sturdy. A paperboard drink caddy with a handle is easy to assemble and stores flat for easy storage.

The Handle Makes All of the Difference

The carriers with handles are easier to use than the flat carton style carriers that can make it difficult to handle the carrier through the delivery process. The built-in handle makes this unique design easier to carry and manage. Overall a paperboard drink carrier gives your customers and staff the ability to transport multiple beverages, hot or cold and deliver them without any messes or spills. For more information contact LBP Manufacturing, Inc. or visit website URL.

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