An Easy Blade to Carry

While fixed blade knives seem super practical, they can be bulky even when worn on the hip. That’s why tactical spring assisted knives can be so attractive. The folding feature allows the user to fold it up and stuff it in a pocket. With a spring assisted blade, much of the work of producing the blade can be done with the index finger and thumb in pulling it out of its housing a fraction before the spring pushes it the rest of the way out.

A Practical Knife
In truth, spring assisted knives do not have to be about combat. Any situation that calls for a quick blade’s action can be served by a spring assisted knife. Many combat knives were created for the dual purpose of combat and utility, and so the need for a multi-use knife was recognized back in World War II. As a result, combat knives were used to open K-rations and ammunition boxes. They didn’t have to manufacture or issue multiple knives to their soldiers. The tactical spring assisted knives can cover all the bases of combat knives.

Extreme Sports
In reality, it’s not unusual to see people in extreme sports carrying a spring assisted knife. That’s why knife stores like Blade City have such an attractive inventory. While they’re marketed as solutions to “extreme” situations, that doesn’t mean extreme combat. For example, rock climbers use the spring assisted knife to cut the rope that has become entangled and created an untenable knot. Tactical spring assisted knives work well as utility knives, cutting cordage, scraping hides, butchering animals, cleaning fish and other tasks. Finally, the tactical knife acts as an entry tool to produce an opening where none existed before often in emergency situations. With a tactical spring assisted knife in your pocket, you can do many things.

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