Baby Gifts – Some Practical Advice Before Making a Purchase

by | Dec 13, 2013 | Gifts

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If you are a novice in the baby gifts buying category then you must be getting thoroughly befuddled by the wide range of stuff available for babies in the market. To add to your woes, you are also unsure of what gift would be appropriate for a baby of a certain age. Fear not; help is at hand for people like you who cower in fright at the thought of a buying a gift for a baby.

Baby toys and clothes may seem the easiest options but this is where novices get confused and end up buying the wrong toys or clothes which are inappropriate for the baby’s age. The rule of the thumb as far as clothes are concerned is, keep the season and the age of the baby in that particular season in mind and you are set. This way you will not land up with wrong clothes for the wrong season and in the wrong sizes! Remember, new clothes are always welcome to parents, so, go ahead and pamper the baby with smart clothes. Toys are far easier to select as you simply have to match the age of the baby to that written on the boxes of toys. Make sure that the toys are non-toxic. You can choose rattles, crib mobiles for newborns while toddlers will love stringing a pull-along toy or prancing on a rocking horse. Tricycles, small cars also make for good gifts if your budget stretches that far.

Bath care items for babies also make great baby gifts and you can get attractively-packed bath sets which contain lotions, creams, soaps and shampoos. Rubber bath toys as well as cute baby bath towels can also be added or given separately. A bathtub can be a nice gift if you want to spend that much or you can even splurge on an expensive baby bath care set.

Baby gifts like strollers, walkers, prams, baby bouncers are useful for new parents and can save them a lot of money if they are a bit financially strapped. If your budget comfortably allows this spending, it can be a very thoughtful gift to parents especially if they have twins.

Beautiful baby blankets, sheets, quilts are available in baby stores and you can opt for either one of them or gift an entire set as per your preference. And if you know the color scheme and the theme of the nursery you can even try and coordinate the gifts with it. Cute baby sleep wear also make for excellent gifts but like for normal clothes, keep the size and season in mind.

A diapering-set consisting of wet wipes, nappies and diapers will never go unused because this is what is required the most in the first few months. New parents will be grateful for extra stocks in the house. For that matter, even a baby monitor will come in handy although it is not the most exciting of gifts for the baby.

This list should help the most helpless of novice-buyers of baby gifts.

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