Boutique Shopping, Find it in the Heart of Downtown Chicago

If you’re in downtown Chicago and need of some pampering, there are luxury shopping experiences easily accessible along Chicago’s Gold Coast. Offering high-end shopping, fine dining, and many other boutique lifestyle amenities, you can fully relax for the perfect ‘me day.’

Shopping, Dining, and Sleeping

With a range of stores showcasing triumphs from international designers and local talent alike, shopping in downtown Chicago can make for a truly fabulous experience. You can wander through a veritable smorgasbord of designer delights, from Vera Wang to Jimmy Choo, to Prada, and Ted Baker. Whether you’re in the mood for Italian, French, Spanish, or something just a bit closer to home, stop for lunch at one of the many fine eateries along the way. And if one day of luxury isn’t quite enough for you, why not bed down for the night in a top hotel? Choose from the Park Hyatt, the Waldorf Astoria, or, of course, The Four Seasons, and know that your tastes are truly being catered to.

What Else is on Offer?

You won’t just find quaint coffee houses, high-end salons, and outstanding eateries; here you can also find a variety of events to suit every palate. Enjoy a summer ‘wine stroll,’ take advantage of special shopping hours as you meander slowly from store to store, and be greeted with a glass of wine at each destination. You can get inspired as you hob-nob with artists and designers in special events held by jewelry stores, sipping on rose and enjoying fine catering as you peruse their stunning displays. There is something for everyone: you can even bring your dog along to a special evening featuring Instagram-famous celebrity pups for a few hours of luxury doggie treats and conversation. With book signings, sample sales, and exhibitions, you can be sure of finding something to inspire and delight.

In need of some luxury shopping in downtown Chicago? Head to Oak Street Chicago and see the full range of stores and restaurants.

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