Buying Wholesale E Cigarettes For Your Store

Looking for wholesale e cigarettes for your vape or tobacco shop? Stuck wondering whether you should order a case of iStick 100W mods or a bunch of eGo Blister Packs for your store? Even if you are a seasoned vaper , knowing what the customers want is an entirely different animal than knowing what you like. Buying the wrong wholesale e cigarettes for your store can leave you stuck with inventory that doesn’t sell and takes up valuable space. If you’re unsure of what will sell best in your store, here is some general information on e cigarettes and the people they are likely to appeal to most.

Starter Kits

It doesn’t matter whether you own a vape-enthusiast mecca or a humble tobacco shop, you’re going to want to stock some starter kits. If your shop primarily focuses on tobacco products, then it doesn’t really make sense to stock a wide array of high-end e cigarettes. If you want to buy wholesale e cigarettes to stock your tobacco shop, we recommend something like the eGo Blister Pack. It is a great e cigarette to introduce people to the hobby, but isn’t likely to satisfy people who already love vaping.

On the other hand, you should be able to cater to more-experienced customers if you own a dedicated vape store. It’s never a bad idea to stock some entry-level starter kits, but you want to be sure you also offer some high-end options. Make sure to include some advanced starter kits like the Kanger Subox Nano kit or the Joyetech eGo One on your next wholesale e cigarette order. These can last for years if cared for and will deliver a much better vaping experience. It’s still a starter kit, but built with the enthusiast in mind.


If you own a tobacco shop that offers a couple of vape options for curious customers, then you most likely won’t have to worry about stocking mods. These are much more powerful versions of e cigarettes that are favored by hardcore vapers. For people who are serious about vaping, nothing else will do. Mods are divided into two major categories: mechanical and VV/VW.

Mechanical mods are, in some ways, vaping at its simplest. They are activated by making a connection to the battery and do not include things like protection from overheating or an OLED display. Mechanical mods are great for people who like to tinker with their e cigarettes. They allow users to push the boundaries and do things that aren’t possible on any other type of e cigarette.

VV/VW mods are at the forefront of vape technology. They include protection from overheating and will not fire if the parts are not matched properly, unlike the mechanical mod. Oftentimes they includes a screen that has stats like coil temperature and number of puffs taken. VV/VW mods are great for vaping enthusiasts that don’t want to spend hours playing around with their devices. These are more or less a plug-and-play option for serious vapes.

Make sure you’re buying the right wholesale e cigarettes for your business. If you don’t want to spend your entire budget on a batch of e cigarettes, there are companies like Kingdom Vapor that offer wholesale without an MOQ.

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