Buying Wholesale Jewelry: Things to Know

by | Oct 30, 2012 | Jewelry Diamonds

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Buying diamond rings, loose diamonds and other wholesale jewelry in Dallas is an art that involves knowing how to look at the cut, clarity, color, carat and cost of the diamond in question. This formula is widely known as the “four c’s”. It takes a little bit of personal education to get it right, but is worth is once you understand the terminology and the differences between cuts, sizes, and other factors that affect the value of the diamond.

Some people confuse the shape of a diamond with its cut. The shape of wholesale jewelry in Dallas is not very pertinent to value, since there is a wide variety of aesthetic taste – but the cut is something different. The real value of a cut diamond is to produce the light and brilliance that you see when a diamond reflects back light; some well-cut diamonds can seem to contain an interior fire that is very pleasing to the eye. Often, wholesale jewelry in Dallas is cut for weight, rather than brilliance, so it is useful to consider the factors contributing to the diamond’s cut, such as diameter, crown height, the various angles, girdle thickness, polish and symmetry.

Color is a reference to how white or colorless a diamond is along a wide range of variation. When buying wholesale jewelry in Dallas, you will find that the less color procures more value, and is therefore more expensive. Diamonds of other various colors are also sought after pieces because of the almost mystical sense of light all along the spectrum that they convey.

When someone says a diamond is included, this may seem confusing at first. The word “included” refers to the inclusions that may mark the inside of the diamond, often thought of as the diamond’s unique fingerprint. Marks inside the diamond may affect the value somewhat, but it does not have any impact on the brilliance of the stone, which is always determined by its cut, not its clarity.

Most people are familiar with the carat factor of a diamond, which refers to a unit of measurement in terms of weight. One carat is equal to 1/5 of a gram.

Knowing how to approach a diamond based on these four basic aspects is extremely useful for anyone seeking to buy wholesale jewelry in Dallas. Otherwise, it is easy to use common sense, which is quite wrong, and think that the size of the diamond totally determines its value (not usually – cut, color, and clarity also factors in considerably), or that a diamond’s clarity procures its brilliance, among other errors.

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