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Planning to Propose to the Love of Your Life?

As life-changing events go, it doesn’t get much bigger than getting engaged. You want this event to be memorable, for you, for her, for family and friends. Consider the details carefully. Should it just be the two of you or would

Passing Your Guitar Onto Its New Owner

Some people collect stamps, others collect coins, but it takes a special kind of enthusiast to collect guitars. Well, not really. Most guitar players have more than one guitar. Whether it is as simple as having one electric and one acoustic,

Reasons To Sell Unwanted Gold In Chicago

Most women have at least one jewelry box, probably filled to the brim with a ton of items she never wears. While it wouldn’t be a good idea to go through it without permission, you two may want to talk about

How to Find Inexpensive Items in a Pawn Store in Lincoln Park

The perfect engagement ring might be just too expensive. A musical instrument a child really wants to learn to play could be too much money for a parent to spend when they’re not sure if the child will stick with it.

Learn How a Pawn Shop Works to Get Quick Cash

There are times when a person will need cash in a hurry, but not have it. Trying to get money from a traditional lending institution like a bank or credit union can be a hassle. Attempting to sell personal items online