Combine Artificial Snow and a Blower for Ultimate Party Fun

Fake snow is one of those party components that can really turn up the fun level. It not only entertains guests, but it creates a winter ambiance that’s perfect for any winter party or even a “Christmas in July” party. The two basic types of snow are ground snow – useful for playing and jumping in or having snow throwing fights – and falling snow that comes out of a snow blower. If you want your guests to experience the ultimate in party fun, buy instant artificial snow and combine it with both a snow-blowing machine and ground snow.

Purchasing Combination Party Packs

The best way to purchase what you need is to take advantage of party packs. These packs contain all the elements you need to create a ground snow covering and blowing snow. The reason you should combine both types of snow is that the snow used in the blowing machine will evaporate as soon as it hits the ground. This means there won’t be a buildup of snow for people to enjoy. If you buy instant decorative artificial snow for a ground covering and place the snow blower next to it, you will create an effect that makes it seem as if the blowing snow is collecting as it falls. This is great for a kid’s party or any type of winter party where you want to impress guests with a fun snowfall.

Separating the Ground Snow and Blowing Snow

You can place both types of snow in the same area, or have your ground snow in one area for playing and your blowing snow in another area. This would work well if the party will have kids attending and you want to create a separate play area for the children and have the snow blowing as guests arrive. You and your guests may enjoy SnoWonder artificial snow’s limitless options so much that you may want to include artificial snow in all your parties and social gatherings.

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