Companies Selling Vending Machines in New York City Make It Easy for Employers to Enjoy Free Coffee

by | Jul 22, 2016 | Appliances

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A small business owner may wonder whether providing free coffee in the workplace is worth the expense. There’ll have to be an investment of at least one commercial-quality coffeemaker with two burners: one for caffeinated coffee and one for a decaffeinated brew. Then there’s the ongoing cost of buying coffee and providing supplies such as foam cups, sugar and creamers, and stirring sticks. Business owners who would like to do this can check pricing from companies selling vending machines in New York City and also sell a wide variety of coffee makers for business use.

Employees appreciate the goodwill shown by an employer that provides free coffee. Many workers have come to view this as standard operating procedure and would be surprised to find a workplace that doesn’t offer it. Some may feel a bit irritated about having to bring their own beverage in a travel mug from home or stopping to buy some at a coffee shop before work. They acquire a better sense of satisfaction when they know they can dash off to work and grab their java right there instead of planning ahead.

In addition, a bit of caffeine during the workday actually can boost productivity. A person can easily bring coffee on the way to work, but what happens at 11:00 A.M. or 2:00 P.M. when some mid-day sluggishness sets in? Being able to get up and grab a cup of free coffee from the break room may be just the thing to enhance energy and concentration. Research has found a small dose of caffeine helps when someone is about to start a difficult work project that requires significant mental attention. Because it is an energy-booster, coffee also helps people work through mundane, routine tasks more speedily.

As the business grows, the employer may one day decide to buy Vending Machines in New York City that provides snacks and other types of beverages. In the meantime, however, a coffeemaker that provides fresh beverages for the workers is a step toward increased employee satisfaction.

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