Create Beautiful Custom T-Shirts with Screen Printing

One of the most common ways to create unique and personalized custom T-shirts for companies, teams, groups and organizations is to use a screen printing process. People turn to Overland Park, KS T-Shirts for the best quality shirts and screen printing services in the area.

With our custom logo & T-shirt printing, we can take your ideas and turn them into a design that is uniquely your own. Our staff is here to ensure you choose the best colors, styles, and options in both the shirts selected as well as the design.

Colors and Options

It is important to understand just a bit about the process. Screen printing in Overland Park, KS utilizes a separate screen for each color that is applied in series to create the vibrant, crisp and clear image, graphic, logo and text that make up the design and the printing requirements.

This results in the ink being very evenly distributed through the design for very even colors. The colors are very long-lasting and will stand up to washing and drying and can even be printed on other garments and accessories for a complete set of promotional products that match.

Choosing the correct t-shirt color to accentuate and highlight the colors in the graphic and text will be important. Typically, lighter colors are more eye-catching on dark colored t-shirts and darker colors on light backgrounds are the best option.

The more colors required for the logo & t-shirt printing, the more involved the process will be, but Overland Park T-Shirts can accommodate even the most complex logos and designs.

Getting Started

To get started simply send in your artwork in IPS or Encapsulated Post Script format at 300 dpi. We can convert your file if you would prefer to send in another format. Remember, our team can also work with you to create just the custom logo or design you want even if you aren’t the artistic type.

We can also provide assistance in choosing top colors for shirts or design elements, just let us know what we can do to help. Contact Business Name today to discuss your order.

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