Discreet Options In E Cigarette Charger Designs

While an e cigarette is definitely not a traditional tobacco product, some businesses, organizations, companies and campuses have created policies around the use or display of these devices on their premises.

In homes where there are children, parents may also want to be discreet about the use of the electronic cigarettes, or may want guests to avoid having the e-cigs out and around where the children could have access to them.

Today, more than ever, there is a range of different e cigarette charger designs that are streamlined, compact and very easy to use without drawing attention to what you are doing. This is a great option for at work, in public, in your vehicle or in your home when you want to be selective about your e cigarette use.

Multiple Battery Chargers

For home use, a multiple battery e cigarette charger is a good option to allow you to charge several batteries at one time. This provides you with the option to simply carry one or more already charged batteries with you, eliminating the need to have to charge the current battery in use.

Multiple battery chargers can also charge a variety of different batteries in the same unit. These systems automatically detect the type of battery and charge appropriately, providing a very safe and effective charging option when you may have several different e-cigarettes on the go.

Battery Charging Cases

Just like there are portable charging cases for cell phones, tablets and laptops, there are also portable charging cases for e-cigarettes. These portable charging cases are charged at home. You just pop your batteries in them when needed and they can charge anywhere without the need to be plugged in or powered by any external source.

These are ideal for traveling, as you simply charge the case as needed and bring it with you in your briefcase, suitcase, purse or jacket pocket.

USB Chargers

The new styles of USB e cigarette charger designs are sleek, streamlined and can easily plug into your computer or USB hub and run into a desk drawer or someplace out of sight on your desk. With the mini USB plugs common on e-cigarettes, these look like any other USB cable and will never raise suspicion or cause any awkward questions.

With all the different options in e cigarette charger designs, you can find just the right combinations for your needs. These are not high-cost items, and it usually pays to have more than one on hand just in case something goes wrong with one.

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