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For Atlanta residents, gold, though it’s perfectly beautiful and worthy, isn’t the only precious metal to consider for a wedding ring. Engaged couples now have a variety of precious metals to choose from, and platinum wedding rings are becoming more and more popular.

What is Platinum?

Platinum is a metal prized for its brilliant, silvery luster. It is considered a noble metal, which means that it doesn’t tarnish and resists being etched by acids. Unlike gold, which can be panned for in streams, platinum is difficult to process. It wasn’t isolated until the 18th century, and the technology to make platinum workable on a large scale wasn’t available until the 1920s. This makes platinum more expensive than gold, but for people who choose it, it’s well worth the cost.

Types of Wedding Rings

Platinum wedding rings can be had in many styles. For example, you can have a cushion cut diamond surrounded by pave diamonds in a halo setting. You can order two rings that fit together, one as the engagement ring and the other as the wedding ring. You don’t even have to have all white diamonds in your ring. There’s nothing wrong with having a three stone setting with a central, brilliant cut diamond with two small sapphires on the sides. You can have an antique style ring full of platinum filigree encrusted with small brilliants or a ring with channel set diamonds all around the shank topped by a diamond solitaire.

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