How to Make the Most of a Baby Playard Set in Green Bay, WI

Playards are a safe place for babies to have fun at home or on the road. Most playards are soft and foldable, making them easy to transport. Yet, a playard must also be sturdy enough to remain safe for the child inside. Playards are versatile and can be used under a variety of different circumstances. If you are in the market for a baby playard Green Bay WI, see how you can get maximum use out of it.

When You Should Consider a Playard

In reality, a playard is best suited for children of a certain age. When you find that your infant no longer needs to remain in a bassinet, it may be time to switch to a playard. Generally, this occurs when the baby can hold up his or her own head, or grows to about 15 pounds in weight. This is the age when it would be appropriate to leave the child in a playard. However, you can always buy one beforehand and save it for later.

A Napping Area

The best thing about playards is that they can double as beds. The bottoms of these pieces have a soft, pillow-like surface that is comfortable to lie on. At some point, your child may get tired of playing and will decide to take a nap. With a baby playard in Green Bay WI, you don’t have to worry that the child will sleep uncomfortably. Instead, you can use this nap-time to catch up on chores around the house.

A Travel Excursion

There’s no doubt that it’s hard to travel with a little one. However, if you take a familiar piece of furniture, like a playard, the child is likely to feel right at home. Using a playard while away from home calms your child and provide a resting place. Therefore, next time you travel, don’t forget to take the playard!

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