Lancer Tactical LTR338S Sniper Rifle Overview

by | Mar 21, 2017 | Shopping

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Whether you are new to the airsoft community or have been an enthusiast for years, you might be in the market for a sniper rifle. Lancer Tactical has some cool options for adding to your airsoft arsenal. In additional to great build quality and affordability, LTR338S Sniper Rifle has some unbeatable features sure to impress any airsoft fan. Here is an overview of this sniper rifle.

You Might Already Know It

Like other airsoft rifles, the LTR338S has appeared in a few movies and videogames. Even if you have never shot this rifle, you have probably seen it. Fortunately, when bringing this rifle to market, Lancer Tactical kept the look and features of the gun consistent with their pop culture portrayal. Because of this, when you shoot your rifle, you might find it has a familiar feel to it.

Adjustable Stock

If you like your rifle to have an adjustable stock, you are luck with the LTR338S. In addition to an integrated, spring-loaded monopod, your rifle has a height-adjustable stock and butt pad. For shooters who wear armor and plate carriers, this adjustability can be an invaluable feature. Similarly, the cheek riser also adjusts with a spring-loaded mechanism, further making your rifle adjustable for virtually any user. Finally, your entire stock swivels, making this rifle ideal for getting into and out of vehicles and other tight spaces.

Pistol Grips

Unlike other sniper rifles, the LTR338S takes M4 pistol grips, allowing you to swap out the grips on your gun for improved performance.

Internal Workings

Lancer Tactical has made its sniper rifle to be compatible with VSR-10 parts, permitting you to change out the internal workings of your rifle. However, the rifle’s cylinder head is not compatible with VSR-10, so you want to double check any upgrades to make sure they will fit with your LTR338S’s internal workings.


Your Lancer Tactical sniper rifle has more rail space than arguably any of its competitors. If you want to add a scope or other accessory to your rifle, you will probably have no problem attaching to the ample rail.


Finally, your LTR338S has several polymer components, helping to keep the rifle light for carrying ease. If you plan to use your rifle for run-and-gun play, you will likely appreciate that Lancer Tactical tried to keep the weight in check.

With many innovative features, you can expect a unique shooting experience with this sniper rifle. Overall, the Lancer Tactical LTR338S is an impressive sniper rifle for airsoft play.

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