Picking the Perfect Diaper Bag

Whether you are buying a diaper bag for yourself or buying one as a baby shower gift you’ll find a variety of options out there. You’ll see a lot of popularity in the Petunia diaper bags line, for instance.

Petunia diaper bags are stylish enough to make the person carrying it feel stylish. Instead of baby patterns, these diaper bags are functional and stylish.

Qualities of a Good Diaper Bag

A good diaper bag will have plenty of space. You need to pack a variety of items when you carry a diaper bag and many women opt to forego their own handbag when they carry a diaper bag because it winds up too difficult to balance baby, the diaper bag, and your own handbag when you’re out. Many women simply stuff their wallet and their make-up bag into their child’s diaper bag.


A good diaper bag will generally have compartments, too. That way you can easily find what you need rather than digging through what feels like a bottomless pit of diapers, creams, clothing, and so forth.

Durability / Longevity

Durability is important too. You want the diaper bag to look good even if you have to take it out into the elements, even if it has to sit in the bottom of your stroller.

Changing Pad

Changing pad built in: Many women swear by Petunia diaper bags that have a built in change pad. This folds out so that you can hygienically change baby easily rather than worrying about adding a changing pad to your already bulging diaper bag.

Some Moms have a few diaper bags. A small one for a quick trip out, a larger one for longer outings, and tote bags for when you need to cart around extra items, such as for a weekend away. Backpacks can also be helpful for active families and for Mom or Dad’s ability to carry baby in their car seat without juggling the diaper bag as well.

Whatever the case is, you can find great deals for Petunia diaper bags as well as other brands online. Photos generally show you the bag from multiple angles and can include photos of the interior so you can assess it and determine how closely it appears to meet your needs.

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