Proper Care for Your Nose Ring

If you have decided to have your nose pierced, chances are you can’t wait to change out the jewelry and customize your look. However, prior to taking out the initial piercing, you have to wait for the hole to fully heal. If you remove the piercing before it is fully healed, it will increase the risk of infection or other problems. Use the following tips to properly care for and clean your nose piercing.

Choosing the Piercer

Before you even consider the type of jewelry you want to purchase for your nose piercing, you should carefully consider who will complete the actual piercing. Be sure you use a reputable service that uses sanitary facilities and equipment. This will help to eliminate the risk of infection, which can become serious in some situations.

The Initial Nose Ring

Your initial piercing should be made from titanium or surgical steel, which will be much less likely to irritate your skin. There are some people that are allergic or have a sensitivity to certain types of metals; however, these two options are typically safe, even for sensitive skin. If you develop a sensitivity to the jewelry that you originally choose for the starter ring, you will have to remove it and have the process done again after the wound is completely healed.

How to Keep the Piercing Clean

In order to ensure the health of your nose piercing, you need to always wash your hands prior to touching your skin around the piercing. This will reduce the risk of infection in the area. Cleanliness and hygiene are crucial for keeping the site of the piercing completely infection free.

It is also important to clean the piercing each day with a sterile saline solution. Hydrogen peroxide is no longer suggested for this process, as it does not clean as well as the saline solution. Once you have cleaned the piercing, you should be sure to dry it completely. Most piercers will provide you with a cleaning kit to help you avoid developing an infection.

Changing the Nose Ring

Once the piercing has had time to completely heal, you will be able to change it to Nose Rings And Studs that better suit your style. Be sure that you store any extra jewelry in a box, to avoid the collection of germs, dust and dirt. Also, be sure to always clean the ring prior to changing it, which will help reduce the chance of an infection.

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