Questions to Ask to Help You Find the Best Wedding Jewellery Sets

by | Apr 25, 2014 | Jewelry

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Engagement rings and wedding rings can be purchased separately, but people who prefer to have things match may want to consider purchasing Wedding Jewellery Sets. These jewelry sets provide a bride-to-be with a matching engagement ring and wedding ring that can be used to symbolize the love and commitment two individuals have for each other.

Before purchasing just any jewelry set, it is important to ask a few questions that will help you find the perfect jewelry set out of all the Wedding Jewellery Sets. The following are some questions you should ask your jeweler at Surat Diamond Jewelry Pvt. Ltd, as they will help you find the best jewelry set.

The first question to ask is in regards to the clarity of the diamonds. Clarity is used to determine how many visual flaws a diamond has on it. The more flaws a diamond has, the less it will sparkle and shine. Asking the jewelry what clarity grade a wedding jewelry set has will help you determine how sparkly it will be.

The second question to ask is in regards to the cut of the diamond. Diamonds come in a number of different cuts. These cuts are also used to determine how much a diamond will sparkle and shine. Some cuts, like princess cut, are designed to really enhance the natural sparkle and shine of a diamond and make it really stand out from the rest of the diamonds.

The third question to ask in regards to the Wedding Jewellery Sets from Surat Diamond Jewelry that are being look at is what color grade the diamonds have for a particular set. Diamonds are given a grade that will range from the letters D to Z. These grades are given to determine what color a diamond is in a particular jewelry set.

Diamonds that are assigned a letter D are considered colorless. Colorless diamonds are the most popular, as they are the ones that most people associate with diamonds. The letter Z will be assigned to diamonds that have a slightly yellow tint to them. While these diamonds are not as popular, they can add a unique splash of color to any wedding jewelry set.

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