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Dogs and cats have changed very little from their wild ancestors. There are a great many benefits of putting your pet on a raw or fresh food diet but there are also some risks involved. As the popularity of raw diets increase, emphasizing raw meat, bones, fruits and vegetables, many stores now offer raw pet food in Fort Lauderdale.

Although this is a fairly new mainstream idea that may seem like the latest fad, racing and sled dogs have been long time feeders on raw food diets. In 1993, feeding suggestions were proposed called the “BARF” diet, an acronym that stands for Bones And Raw Food. This proposal indicated that canines would thrive on a diet based on what wild canines ate before domestication. Grain-based commercial pet foods are not only jam-packed with fillers but can be harmful to a dog’s health.

The benefits of raw pet food have been listed as;

1. Cleaner teeth
2. Healthier coats
3. Healthier skin
4. Higher energy levels
5. Healthier stools and digestive system
6. Live enzymes
7. Less preservatives
8. No synthetic nutrients
9. Weight control
10. Increased mobility in elderly animals
11. Know exactly what your pet is eating

Potential risks can include;

1. Health threats from harmful bacteria in raw meat to both human and pet
2. Potential of whole bones causing damage or choking hazards

Even though processed foods offer convenience, the fact remains that our pets’ bodies require fresh foods. There have been reports of pet owners who have animals with food intolerances, allergies and chronic illnesses showing a vast improvement when they are switched to raw food.  Heat-processed, commercial diets destroy most anti-oxidants, enzymes, micro-organisms, healthy oils and phytonutrients during their processing. As a result, pets are at risk of not getting enough digestive enzymes in their diet. This makes their pancreas work harder.

When we think about where our cats and dogs came from, providing them a raw food diet is only logical. By mimicking what their wild canine and feline ancestors would have consumed in their natural habitat, we can ensure that they receive a well-balanced, beneficial diet that promotes health and wellness.  Visit your local pet food specialist in Fort Lauderdale to discuss the possibility of using a raw diet on your pampered pet.

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