Silicone Mold From NY Cake

NY Cake is where you can find the largest selection of cake making goods like fondant & silicone molds that will help you make the most impressive cake for your event. Whether you are amateur or professional, take advantage of the biggest selection of cake making supplies, in order to make stylish cakes with great designs, textures and colors.

NY Cake is a family owned business which started in Joan Mansour’s kitchen. Because Joan could make such spectacular birthday cakes for her children, the neighborhood buzz inspired her to teach others how to decorate cakes as well as her. After years of experience in the industry, NY Cake now has an original line of products which offer superior quality and functionality for loyal customers. NY Cake is passionate about bringing you the highest quality cake decorating goods possible.

At NY Cake you will find supplies like boxes, boards & dummies, food coloring & disco dusts, cupcake & cake pop supplies, NY Cake Line, stamens & wires, silicon push molds, pearl border molds, gum paste flowers & decorations, fondant mats, embossers, impression mats, & impression pins, fondant cutters & plungers, fondant & gum paste tools, fondant & gum paste, cake lace mats, and much more. NY Cake provides you with the materials to make some of the most creative and immaculate cakes, like silicone molds to help put smiles on faces.

If you make an order over $99.00 from NY Cakes today, you will receive FREE shipping, so you can spend less time driving to the cake goods store, and spend more time in the kitchen building a cake masterpiece. Don’t let your event have a boring cake. Be prepared with the industry’s top quality goods to make sure your cake is the talk of the party.

To learn more about NY Cake, visit us on the web where you can view the massive online inventory, contact us, and more.

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