Spruce Up Your Mardi Gras Costume with Flashing Beads

When you’re heading out to enjoy Mardi Gras, many people enjoy putting together a costume and letting loose. You’ll see jesters, royalty, animals, monsters, and more. No matter what your style, you can make a costume for the party. But if you really want to turn heads, you need some accessories to go with your costumes. One of the best options is incorporating flashing Mardi Gras beads into your costume. We’ll explain how below.

Choosing a Theme
You want to pick a theme before you start coming up with an actual costume. This can be the most difficult part of the entire process because you have so many possible options. You can choose to be a Mardi Gras king, dress up like a peacock, or simply put together a few fun accessories to mix and match. If you’re celebrating with a group of friends, you can always coordinate costumes and really get heads to turn. Don’t forget to add those flashing beads so you stand out even in the dead of night.

Clothing Options
“The crazier, the better” is the motto for Mardi Gras. Don’t be afraid to stick out if you go above and beyond. The celebration is based on going beyond, so sticking out is a challenge on its own. Whatever your costume, brightly colored shirts or dresses work well. If you are on a budget, consider looking at thrift shops. Some shops even rent costumes for Mardi Gras. Just add on your accessories and go from there.

Focus on the Top
Once you have your costume, consider whether you’d like to add a hat. A feather headdress can be elegant, while a jester hat can add a bit of energy and fun to your costume. There are also pointy hats called capuchins, which are especially popular to wear on Fat Tuesday. You can also take a normal hat and add flashing Mardi Gras beads, glitter, and jewels to amp it up.

The Final Touches
At this point, accessories will be the thing to focus on. You can try a wig, get a fur cape, or hold onto a scepter. Whatever your style, this is when you can truly go crazy with it to make an impression.

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