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There’s a proverb that goes: diamonds are a lady’s best friend. A man can hurt the trust and spirit of a woman but a diamond will only be increasing that. So, who can’t assume the love and affection of a lady for diamond jewellery as it is so well justified. But, as they say, with great power comes great responsibility. In this case also buying diamond jewellery is not at all easy. Buying diamond online is tremendously tough. It is so because it takes work to choose the right store, the right design as well as it needs to suit the pocket.

Few things you should know about diamond earrings

When the question about diamond earrings arises, we need to pay attention to a few things as a diamond stud can be a statement for every sort of outfit, be it Indian or Indo-western or simply Indian. The rules are as follows:

  • Pay attention to the cut details of the diamond

  • Clarity matters

  • Consider buying man-made or Lab created

  • Size matters

  • Make sure that it fits perfectly to the ears

  • Pay attention to the cut

  • Color is the most important factor

So, if an individual is affectionate about diamond and looking for hoops, precious stone gems, gold coins, the ideal spot will be this portal. At 99 Jewels, they provide the best pieces at the most reduced costs as well as with quality. Usually when it comes to buying diamonds online, people fret a lot and rightly so. It is tough to trust an online portal where you don’t know from whom you’re buying and how legitimate the whole puchase will be.

99 Jewels is one portal where there are a lot of repeated customers. This is because they have built their trust with people and now the same customers prefer to invest heavy amounts online rather than planning a day to go and buy jewelry themselves.

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