The Difference In Professional Rug Cleaning In Houston

One of the most common mistakes that people in Houston make is to wash handmade rugs using commercial do-it-yourself cleaning systems. These rental systems are designed for carpet and, while they do a good job for basic cleaning, they can significantly damage handmade rugs.

In addition to the type of cleaning action by the powerheads used on these systems, there is also missing steps in a complete rug cleaning process. By choosing to have rugs cleaned by specialized companies, each step in the process is completed, providing a clean, beautiful rug once the multi-step process is completed.

A highly recommended company providing rug cleaning in Houston is Ashly Fine Rugs. This company will pick up your rugs, completely inspect, clean and prepared the rugs, then deliver them back to your home. The difference in the final result is amazing, with the colors restored and the odors, stains, and allergens removed from the rug’s surface.

The Steps

There are many different steps and processes used by professional rug cleaning services. The first is always to inspect the rug and determine which specialized treatments may be required. These can include stabilizing the color, removing stains, getting rid of pet stains and even providing color restoration and bleeding removal if the colors are blending on the edges of patterns.

Then, the rug is thoroughly cleaned to move but surface and deep dust and dirt. Rug cleaning with specially selected shampoos follows, and this done on both the front of the rug as well as the back. Then, the rug is rinsed to remove all shampoo residue.

Depending on the issues identified with the rug, soaking can also be used. This is essential to remove stains and odors. Finally, with the last step in rug cleaning, the rug is brushed to create the natural nap and give the rug a full, rich texture.

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