The History of Basketball Championship Rings

For hundreds of years, rings have been the archetype of commitment and love, however over the last few decades they have evolved to symbolize not only commitment, but achievement as well. This is seen in the form of championship rings, whose popularity has increased alongside the constantly growing national interest of sports. Championship rings are awarded by a league to individual players of a national sports team when they win a championship, since only one trophy is awarded to the team as a whole. The NFL and MLB (which tend to be more popular) obviously participate in championship rings, but slightly less well-known are basketball championship rings. Visit website for more information.

Championship keepsakes originally started out as something as simple as a pin or a pocket-watch. Rings were officially established as an annual tradition in 1930, however basketball championship rings for the NBA were not officially established until about the 1960s. Since then, Best Basketball Championship Rings have been awarded roughly 70 times to winning teams, with the most successful team being the Boston Celtics with 17 wins.

They often include the team name, logo and number of championships that have been won. The rings are usually made of gold, both yellow and white, and an assortment of diamonds or diamond and gold look-alikes. They have been known to bank in at thousands of dollars, but most often they average in around $500, and the cost is always covered by the league. Companies such as Jostens who manufacture college and class rings oftentimes manufacture championship rings as well.

In typical sports vernacular, the innate desire for winning a championship ring directly correlates to the desire to win the playoff championship itself. It is not so much about the ring, but about achieving a victory as a successful player. In sports broadcasting and journalism, championship rings (no matter the sport) tend to be used as a way to count personal victories, as the trophies are used to count the team’s victories.

Even though these rings have only been in production for less than 100 years, the tradition is timeless. Our nation eats, sleeps and breathes sports. The popularity of these sports will not fade for a long time, if ever, and so the tradition of championship rings will live on. Contact J. Jenkins Sons Company for your sporting jewelry needs.

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