The Main Factors That Impact the Cash You Get from a Chicago Jewelry Buyer

When you want to sell your unwanted jewelry, you wonder how much you can get out of it. You do not bother selling it if you cannot get a good price out of your pieces. You also do not necessarily want to hang on to them.

Before you meet with diamond buyers from Chicago, you can first research the factors that will determine the final price that you will get paid. You can then use this information to your advantage during the transaction.


The diamond buyers in Chicago will take into consideration the number of carats that your diamonds are before they offer you any money for them. Smaller carats typically get lower prices than diamonds that have higher carat values. Still, even the smallest carat diamond is worth something when you sell it.

Before you sell your diamonds, you can find out how many carats they are. You can then have this detail on hand before you present them for sale to the buyer.

Clarity and Cut

The buyer will also consider the diamonds’ clarity and cut before offering you any money for them. A diamond that is clear and has a clean and beautiful cut will get top dollar. One that is cloudy and damaged could net a lower price than you anticipated.

You can find out more about the factors that diamond buyers in Chicago consider during transactions online. You can go to Chicago Gold Gallery at online to get additional information today.

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