The Meaning Of Three Diamond Rings

Rings for women with three stones have long been in fashion. These rings date back to some of the earliest rings worn by nobility and they continue to be a popular option as an anniversary ring, but also as an engagement or wedding ring.

The style of three diamond rings is different than other types of rings featuring three stones. It is also very different than a family ring, which typically features the birthstones of the parents and children as part of the setting.

The Meaning

The meaning of the three stone diamond ring is based on a marketing program started by De Beers in the latter part of the 1990s. It was designed to represent three phases of the couple’s life, their life in the past, their time together in the present and their future together.

Some couples may prefer to consider the three stones in the ring as friendship, love and fidelity to each other, and this is more common with the engagement rings in this style.

In many marketing programs, you will find these rings marketed as Past, Present and Future rings or sometimes as Trilogy or Trinity rings. Depending on the manufacturer and the specific design there can be a range of different elements in the ring, or they can be more simple and minimalist in their overall appearance. This option allows the diamonds to really take center stage in the ring design.

The Style

The traditional style of three diamond rings is three stones that have the same shape, cut and size that are placed on the band with the same setting. Traditionally the band is simple and unadorned with other diamonds or design. This original design was to highlight the equal importance of all stages of the couple’s life together, and how each was important and meaningful.

New styles of these rings, particularly for engagement rings, tend to feature a larger center diamond representing love, the present, or both and then a diamond on either side that is slightly smaller or more significantly smaller.

This style signifies the essential and central components of the present and love in the couple’s life relative to their life together in the past and the future.

The shape of the gems in three diamond rings can also vary between designs. Round and princess cut are always popular, but any shape or combination of shapes can be used. It is also possible to use two other precious or semi-precision gems on either side of the diamond. You will also find more elaborate settings and bands adding to the dazzle and brilliance of this beautiful ring choice.

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