The Power of Prophecy frees you to Pursue Success

The Power of Prophecy through Bishop Jordan can provide you with the freedom to pursue success. One of the greatest evils in the world is self-doubt. The seeds of doubt are planted by the devil himself. God plants only seeds that will flourish when nurtured through faith. When you have faith in God and seek a personal prophecy to help guide you, you will soon discover God has a path intended to lead to your success.

Freedom from Faith
Faith in God is a wonderful gift that allows you to open your heart and discover the power it brings you. Many have been overwhelmed by the sudden strength they gain when they open their hearts to welcome God’s love. The power of prophecy through Bishop Jordan will allow you to get a clear message focused on relationships, career, finances or purpose that will help you pursue success with courage. Many of us do not realize that it is fear and self-doubt that are keeping us from happiness. Faith in God and understanding he has a purpose with only happiness and peace in store for you will make it easier for you to pursue your dreams.

Encouraging Our Faith
God wants us to keep our faith because he knows that once you have faith it can only grow if you allow it. When you have faith that God will provide for you, it is not a faith that the provisions will be material. Instead it is strength and faith in your self that comes from strength and faith in God. When you gain this faith in yourself you will be fearless to follow a path that will lead you to success. God wants you to do well and is sending you messages everyday so you can follow a path that will allow you to be happy and love your self in order to be able to love others.

Determination and Confidence
When you understand what God wants for you, you will feel determined to fulfill his wishes. Everything you do should be based on God’s wishes as every one of us who lives as God desires is making the world a better place. The more love and faith in the world, the more hope and peace you will find. Visit us online for more details Website.

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