The Truth About Revelation Chapter 1

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Revelation Chapter 1 is the Prophecy of Jesus Christ. It foretells many things which are to come and holds an account of Jesus’ prophecies. Christians often view Revelations as the book in the Bible which will describe the “end times.” They sometimes become afraid of what may happen as they wonder when these destructions and death will actually take place. However understanding the truth about Revelation Chapter 1 will shed light on what this book in the Bible is really about.

The Seven Churches in Asia

Revelation Chapters 1 through 3 describes the Seven Churches in Asia. This is a description of promises and prophecies of things to come. This is because Christians at that time were many times persecuted for their beliefs. The relentless isolation and danger gave Christians a hard time and a feeling of being alone in an unwelcoming world.

The Messages

The messages found in Revelation Chapter 1 portend much death and destruction. However what is little known is that these messages were meant for a 1st Century Church. These messages were meant to encourage Christians who were being persecuted so they could know that this stage would end and their persecutors would be no more. However Churches still teach these messages to this day. Taken out of context the messages seem to promise a severe ending to the world as we know it.

Debunking the myth

By gaining a better perspective of what Revelation Chapter 1 was saying, we can understand that there is really no “end of days prophecy.” This can provide present day Christians with more peace of mind as they feel confident knowing that the world is a safe place to be.

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