Things to Know Before Heading to a Formal Wear Store in Augusta, GA

by | Jan 2, 2023 | Clothing

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We sympathize if you’re split between purchasing and renting clothing for your wedding. While renting frequently provides you more freedom, buying a new suit or tuxedo will add an investment item to your closet. In the end, you ought to consider how you live your life. How frequently do you truly don a suit or dress to impress for formal occasions? Renting from a formal wear store in Augusta, GA, rather than buying may make more sense if your wedding is a special occasion when you’ll be dressed to the nines.

How Rentals Work

When renting from a formal wear store in Augusta, GA, you should prepare to make at least two or three in-person visits: once to get measured and choose your style, once to pick up and try on your rental, and once more to drop the clothing off after the wedding. Shopping in person at places such as Simon’s Formal Wear allows you to examine your selections up close and get personal recommendations from the menswear specialists at the store. This might be useful if you’re attempting to match specific colors or textiles.

When to Rent

While most menswear rental firms provide rush services, we strongly advise against doing so while choosing your outfit for the big event. At least five or six months before your wedding, you should begin looking for your clothing. Both the groom and the groomsmen should take note of this, especially if your wedding party is bigger. You’ll value the extra time to ensure everyone has their orders exactly the way they want them.

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