Three Creative Ways to Use Retail Bakery Supplies for Your Own Baking

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Shopping

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You do not have to operate a bakery in order to make use of high-quality retail bakery supplies. If you enjoy baking at home for your family, as a hobby or as a semi-professional endeavor, you may find that these supplies are an ideal solution for packaging and sharing the treats. Here are three creative ways to use these retail bakery supplies for your own baking.

Party Favors
Perhaps you are hosting a special party, such as a baby shower, bridal shower or anniversary celebration. You may wish to bake one or more of your specialties and pack them into attractive cellophane bags or gift boxes for the guests to take home. An attractively packaged cupcake makes a delightful gift for a person attending one of these events, and the packaging preserves the frosting and other special details. Guests appreciate the consumable gift instead of getting clutter.

School Events
Cookies, cake pops and cupcakes are popular at school events. Maybe your school holds a fair or festival and sells these treats in order to raise money. School bake sales are an ideal way to help raise funds for a trip. Packaging the cookies or cupcakes into cookie boxes or cellophane bags makes it easier for people to take their treats home.

Holiday Gifts
If you like to make fudge, macarons, macaroons, cookies or other small treats for the holidays, you could package them in bakery supplies such as colorful cellophane bags or cookie tins. Cookie tins are a great choice if you will be shipping the treats to a loved one. The tins protect the baked goods while they are in transit. They come in a range of colors, sizes and shapes for holidays such as Easter and Valentine’s Day.

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