Tips and Tricks for Outstanding Drone Flying

by | May 3, 2018 | Electronics

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You’ve just unboxed your first unmanned aerial vehicle and are ready to jump up and get your drone flying. You’re in good company. Drones are more affordable and advanced than ever before. It is still important to understand the basics of flying before you go wild, though. Here we’ll provide some safety tips that will get you flying and keep you flying for a long time to come.

Register the Drone

If your drone weighs more than 0.55 grams and is less than 55 pounds, it’s important to register at the website for the FAA’s Unmanned Aircraft Registration system. It only costs $5 but it can be used to register all drones you have. It’s also valid for a reasonable three years.

Find Drone Safe Areas

Before you get flying, you need to determine what areas are legal to fly a drone in. You can download an app by the name of B4UFly or visit the U.S. Air Space Map to be sure. You’ll be able to see airports, national parks, and any other areas that prohibit drones, whether permanently or on a temporary basis.

Acquire Proper Accessories

Once you have the hang of using your drone, getting proper accessories can make the hobby even more fun. If you are taking part in photography or videography, consider a sunshade for your iPad Air or whichever device you use. Propeller guards, extended landing gear, and extra batteries are also helpful to have on hand when you need them.

Be Alert While Flying

Most drone crashes occur because the user gets distracted while the drone is up in the air. You might get into a conversation and stop paying as much attention to what you’re doing, which sends your drone crashing to its death. You should always give your full attention to flying while the drone is in the sky. If you need to stop and take care of something else, land the drone first. This can prevent many accidents before they happen.

Learn to Fly Without GPS

Learning to fly without your GPS on gives you the skill to handle a situation where the GPS fails later on. If you aren’t familiar with this type of flying, you could lose control of the craft. While it may seem unlikely this will happen, any product that uses technology is apt to fail at some point. Being capable of handling the situation will go a long way.

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