Tips for Caring for Your Terracotta Vases During the Winter Months

As the days start to cool, people’s thoughts automatically turn to bonfires, football games and long nights in front of the fireplace drinking hot cocoa with the ones you love. However, winter can be hard on the terracotta vases that grace your landscape, no matter what they’re made of. Read on for a few tips for caring for these treasures during the long winter months ahead.

Clean the Vases and Bring them Inside

If you have quality terracotta vases, it’s pretty simple to clean them and bring them inside to store them safely for the winter months ahead. Clean them out well and don’t forget them to dry them before storing them in a closet or storage room for the winter.

Clean Them Well

In some cases, your terracotta vases may be too big to bring inside. In this situation, clean the larger vases, turn them upside down and cover them with a waterproof tarp. Make sure to secure the tarp well so you don’t have to worry about the wind blowing it off or rain and snow blowing underneath and ruining your vase before the spring flowers start blooming once again.

Group the Vases Together

If you have vases that have plants in them, you need to group the vases together to try to protect them against the cold, winter elements. Don’t forget to put them in a sheltered spot where they can still get the benefits of the sun and water them regularly as well.

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