Tips for Selecting a Gold Septum Clicker

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a gold septum clicker for yourself or to give as a gift. Chances are quality is going to matter as much as design. Finding just the right piece, however, can be tough, but here are a few tips that can make the task result in the perfect clicker to add to the collection.

Insist on Quality

Just like any other piece of jewelry, a gold septum clicker is an investment. When quality matters, the price will reflect that. With this in mind, it’s important to make sure a well-made, well designed piece is what’s selected. Look for jewelers that offer custom design option and only work in precious metals. A 14K gold piece is perfect as a septum clicker and offers more durability than other metal compositions while retaining beauty over the long haul. White or yellow gold is also a perfect choice for a gift since some people’s skin cannot tolerate lesser metal blends, such as gold filled, gold plated or silver.

Choose the Style

Gold septum clicker designs aren’t all the same. The options include rather subtle pieces to those that are pretty bold and eye-catching with semi-precious and precious stones in the mix. If buying for yourself, pick what really stands out. For gift giving, look for a piece that reflects the recipient’s style.

Customize It

Some of the best jewelers out there allow their clients to customize their pieces, including septum clicker designs. While total customization calls for working directly with a jeweler or jewelry designer, it’s possible to enjoy some input with ease. The best offer their standard designs and allow clients to provide input on the gold type and the stones used in the final piece. For example, a basic clicker can be made more unique to a person by selecting white instead of yellow gold and rubies for use in the accent stones.

When you’re in the market for a gold septum clicker, you don’t have to settle for the options in a jeweler’s case. Expand your choices by working with a jewelry outlet that provides not only a solid selection of styles, but also the ability to customize. The end result will be a piece that’s unique to you or made just for the person you are making the purchase for.

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