Tips for Using Clip in Human Hair Extensions

Women with short, medium and long hair have the option to use hair extensions to create the ideal look for day or evening hairstyles. Clip in human hair extensions are very natural looking and can be selected to match any hair color, texture, and length.

The use of clip in human hair extensions is ideal for updos, to add volume for dramatic hairstyles, or to add length and volume to any type of cut or style. Unlike other types of extensions, they are designed for daily use and should be removed each night to extend the life of the hair extensions.

How to Use Clip In Extensions

A key factor in the use of any type of company is to create a natural look to the hair. The clip of the hair extension needs to be covered by layers of natural hair, eliminating the concerns of having the clips visible in the completed hairstyle.

Start by pinning the hair on the head, and work from the base of the neck and the sides of the head towards the crown of the head. Leave a small amount of natural hair at the base of the neck, and brush it to remove any tangles. Detangle and brush the extensions, positioning the clips against the scalp. Remove the next horizontal layer of natural hair from the clip, brush it flat, and insert the next clip in extension in the desired location.

Continue up the back of the head until the desired volume and length are developed. Repeat the process on the sides of the head, adjusting the clip in extensions to add volume and length where it is needed.

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