Trade Show Exhibits Should Offer Giveaways

If you want trade show exhibits to be a success, you will likely need to use gimmicks, such as giveaways. While you may not think they can do much good, they are amazing at getting people interested in going over to your exhibit. Once there, you can explain some about your product or what services you’re selling, and then hand them the swag. They’ll take it home, as well as any information you provide, and will think of you every time they use it.


The primary reason to have giveaways or swag at your shows is to attract people who otherwise wouldn’t stop. There are many people out there who love free items and will listen to almost anything to get them. While you don’t want to keep them there for hours, you will be able to get a little information about the company while providing them something they want.


The goal is to choose significant items to give away because those are the ones that will be saved and used repeatedly. Items that can be worn are usually the first choice because they will have your logo or tagline and will be worn everywhere. The people that receive and wear them will be like walking billboards, promoting your company wherever they go.

Promote Goodwill

You also want to promote goodwill at trade show exhibits by offering items that will be useful or helpful to potential customers. They will see that you care about them and want them to enjoy what you have freely given, making them want to visit your store or buy your products.

How To Choose Items

When selecting items, you have three main objectives. You want them to be fun or eye-catching, be valuable or interesting and be linked easily to your company. You can achieve this in infinite ways, but you should always make sure those three objectives are there. For example, useful or valuable items can include stress-relief balls, pedometers, clothing items, jar-lid grippers and anything else you can think of to help with a small task.

Fun and eye-catching can mean brightly colored or something else. Above all, you want to ensure that whatever you choose includes your company name, logo and possibly web address, so they always know where to find you.

Trade show exhibits are known for their abilities to get more clients though successful ones will typically use the proper giveaways or swag.

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