What’s an E-Hookah?

There’s been quite a buzz lately regarding e-Hookahs (a.k.a. hookah pens), but what exactly are they? E-Hookahs are considered to be a spinoff of the uber-popular e-cigarette, but with some slight differences. While e-cigarettes have been on the market for several years now and have gained a loyal following, e-hookahs are a relatively new product that is still in the process of garnering a large base of consistent users. Like e-cigarettes, e-hookahs are slender, battery-operated devices that employ a small heating element to vaporize a flavored liquid (known as “e-juice” or “e-liquid”) which is inhaled by the user. Regular e-hookahs are slightly larger than e-cigarettes, and they typically feature bright colors and vivid designs. There are also smaller, more compact e-hookahs known as “hookah pens” that (as the name implies) are similar in size to an ink pen.

A typical e-hookah contains a small battery, the e-liquid, and an atomizer, which is the component responsible for converting the e-liquid into a vapor. Although the device is battery-powered, it doesn’t have to be turned on; as soon as you start inhaling, it activates the atomizer which heats up the e-juice, producing a vapor that can be inhaled to simulate conventional smoking. E-hookahs are considered to be an excellent alternative to the traditional hookah, which is a long pipe that is used to smoke tobacco through water. The dangers of shisha–a moist and sticky tobacco mixture commonly smoked in traditional hookahs–have been well-documented, with some studies showing that typical hookah smoke contains levels of arsenic, tar, lead, nickel, and carbon monoxide that are multiples of what can be found in traditional cigarette smoke. For this reason, many users have turned to e-hookahs in order to alleviate the health risks associated with traditional hookah smoking.

While e-hookahs are far safer to use than traditional hookahs, what exactly are the ingredients contained in the e-liquid that e-hookahs use? There are four main ingredients that are found in the typical e-liquid: water, vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, and some type of flavoring agent (typically fruit or mint). The flavoring found in e-liquid is primarily derived from natural herbs, so many of the harmful chemicals that are found in shisha are not present in the e-liquid utilized in e-hookahs. Many e-liquids also contain nicotine in varying degrees, but the majority of e-liquids in disposable hookah pens contain no nicotine at all. It is important to be aware of the nicotine content of whatever vaping liquid you choose to utilize.

If you’re worried about whether or not vaping will be an adequate substitute for conventional smoking, it may be helpful to look at some benefits of using e-hookahs:

* E-hookahs contain no tobacco, which also means that they don’t contain the many potentially carcinogenic ingredients that tobacco smoke is famous for. For this reason, vaping is generally considered to be much safer than tobacco smoking.

* E-hookahs are highly accessible, which means that you can find a wide variety of e-hookahs for sale with little hassle. Companies such as Breathe Intelligent Cigarette offer electronic hookahs for sale in convenient kits that contain everything you need to start vaping, including the e-hookah device, battery, wall charger, mouthpiece, and a set of cartomizers. There are a plethora of flavor choices as well, so you won’t have to worry about feeling limited in your options. In fact, e-hookahs can be found in practically every flavor you used to enjoy with traditional shisha.

* E-hookahs also come in disposable units (i.e., hookah pens), which means that you won’t have to worry about purchasing refills or dealing with various components. Breathe Intelligent Cigarette offers disposable e-hookah devices such as the Carnivaal hookah pen, which is extremely simple to use, and provides up to 600 puffs per hookah.

* E-hookahs are rechargeable, which means you can get quite a bit of life out of them per charge. Keep in mind that disposable e-hookah pens are not rechargeable, but they still last a long time, offering anywhere from 300 to 600 puffs before needing to be replaced.

* E-hookahs require no cleaning, offering a welcome contrast to traditional hookahs, which can be a pain to keep clean.

* E-hookahs require no coal to use. If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of trying to keep your coal burning properly while using a traditional hookah, you know how much of a nuisance it can be. With a battery-operated e-hookah, you can simply take a puff and enjoy a smoke without having to worry about lighting the coals just right.

While e-hookahs are still a relatively new product on the market, they have already been lauded as an excellent alternative to traditional cigarettes. Not only is smoking an e-hookah much safer than smoking a tobacco cigarette, but you have a much wider array of choices and flavors available for you to try at Breathe Intelligent Cigarette, offering you a well-rounded and satisfying vaping experience.

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