Where to Find in Bar Stools in Ephrata, PA

When customers are looking for bar stools in Ephrata PA, they have many sizes, shapes, and styles to choose from. They may want a traditional stool comprised mainly of a basic seat and four legs. These can come in sizes ranging anywhere from 18″ to 30″. The finishes can be oak, maple, or cherry. Perhaps, they want to do something a bit more elaborate and include a contoured seat back.

Prior to shopping, customers should measure the height of their countertop or bar to choose the correct stool with the correct height. This can help to assure the chairs they buy will fit underneath. They should also keep in mind the following dimensions. Bars are usually 42″ high while standard kitchen counters are 36″. There should be approximately 9″-12″ between a stool and a table surface.

There are many different varieties of stools that have backs and can also swivel. Swivel stools are very popular. Choosing one that swivels saves having to pull it away from the counter to get seated and then having to move it back up to the counter so one can reach their drink or plate. Arrowback makes a 24″ model with different wood options and different sizes available. Aspen makes swivel bar stools as well. These come in standard 24″ or 30″ seat heights and are available not only in oak, maple, or cherry but also in quartersawn white oak, elm, walnut, and hickory. Also available in the same wooden materials, as well as the same heights, are swivel bar stools made by Carlisle. These have very sturdy legs and offer those sitting on them a very durable footrest.

Sometimes, when customers are shopping for Bar Stools in Ephrata PA, they may be looking for a two-tone stool that is stylish. They can look at a French Country swivel bar stool with rich cherry wood for the seat while the rest of the frame is solid black. If they want something more elegant, they may be inclined to look at the Warner swivel bar stool, which offers a very comfortable padded back and seat. These are popular not only for dining but can make very practical desk chairs also. Vintage makes a line of swivel stools that are built to last and are very durable.

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