Why Is A Paracord Watch Better Than A Bracelet?

by | Oct 8, 2015 | Shopping

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Paracord is the new buzzword among those who enjoy the outdoors. Whether you like canoeing, fishing, camping, hunting, hiking or anything else, you have probably heard the term. The cord is an unyielding and versatile item that can easily be braided into a bracelet or watch. However, you may not know the differences between watches and bracelets and may wonder which is better, or if there is any difference between the two.


The bracelets are great, because they can be unraveled, cut and used for many purposes. You can use the inside strands for various things and can do almost anything. Therefore, most people think this is a better deal because they are usually less expensive than watches and can do everything you need, especially if you don’t need a watch. However, watches often offer added features, making them a better choice, even if you aren’t sure you’ll need those features.


The high quality paracord watches consist of military-grade 550 cord. The timepiece should be stainless steel or quartz so that it doesn’t rust when wet. They should come with a fire-striker made of stainless steel, and should come with a rod in between the buckle prongs. This will help you start a fire and can be easier than using branches and the inner strands.

It should also come with a whistle, compass and the cord. It will be harder to lose your way, because of the compass, and you’ll always know what time it is. If you hear people in the distance, you can use your whistle to alert them to your presence, making it easier to be found if you get lost or need medical help.

Which Is Better?

Because watches offer so many added benefits, it will probably be best to choose them over the bracelets. However, you should also consider where you’re going and what you’ll need the cord for. In some cases, you want it for fashion, and you may not need a compass or watch because you’ve got a smartphone and aren’t planning on getting lost.

In other instances, you may not know where you’ll find yourself and what you’ll need. Instead of packing matches, flint and steel, compasses and more within a backpack, you’ll have everything you need on your wrist. This can be particularly useful if you lose your pack or everything inside gets wet and stops working.

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